It is the intent of CAPT to adopt a process for generating position papers that can be publicly disseminated to inform the media and others of the views of CAPT with the aim of promoting optimal drug therapy.

The process is:

A potential topic can be identified by any member of CAPT and sent to the CAPT executive for consideration as one suitable and worthy of CAPT generating as a position paper.

If the topic is approved by the executive, a working group will be formed with the individual who has identified the topic as the working group chair, and with the other members to include at least two other CAPT members of which one is a CAPT executive member. The purpose for having a CAPT executive member as a part of the working group is to expedite the process for the required executive approval.

The working group will draft the paper and submit it to the CAPT executive within a workable, mutually agreed deadline. If approved to proceed by the CAPT executive, the draft will be circulated to the membership at large, with feedback requested to be sent to the working group within 10 working days. Since this will be the only opportunity for the membership to respond to the position paper, it is important that this is communicated to members.

If a majority of the feedback is opposed to the draft, the CAPT executive will decide whether the authors will have a period (negotiated between the authors of the draft and the CAPT executive) in which to respond or be required to discontinue.

Assuming positive feedback, the working group will finalize the paper and submit it to the CAPT executive for final approval. There will be a 10 day deadline for the CAPT executive decision. Once the CAPT executive has given its approval, it will assume moral responsibility for the position paper. Therefore, the CAPT executive may reject the position paper or request modifications to it. The CAPT executive will have the final decision on the content of the paper and whether it is disseminated.

Since timeliness may be important, neither the CAPT board nor the membership will normally be given an opportunity to vote on a position paper before it is disseminated. This process is designed to prevent delays that could diminish the value of the paper.

Following CAPT executive approval, the position paper will be disseminated first to the membership and then to the media by the CAPT office

Jun 24, 2009

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