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The Association provides a national base for the advancement, exchange and application of new knowledge among leading researchers, educators and practitioners interested in the use, economics and outcomes of medicinal drugs and other therapeutic interventions in populations. The Canadian Association for Population Therapeutics (CAPT) was formalized in April 1996 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. CAPT has evolved from the Canadian Pharmacoepidemiology Forum (CPF). All the interests of the CPF, such as pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, drug utilization studies, adverse drug reaction monitoring/pharmacovigilance, will continue as part of the new Association's activities. The association is primarily concerned with the study of effectiveness, harm, use and economics of medications, vaccines, medical devices or complementary medicines relevant to Canadian populations.

A new elected Board for the broader mandate of CAPT has replaced the CPF Board. Six Board members will rotate off the Board each year. Newly elected Board members take office at the Annual Meeting held during the April/May Forum.

CAPT annual membership fees are $50.00 for individuals and $25.00 for students. Details of corporate and institutional membership are available on request as well as the Terms of Reference.

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